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PT Test Lab

Quantum Test Lab

The Quantum R&D lab is a scientifically controlled environment. It only looks out of control.

Where the untrained ear might (we say "might" because our lab is a restricted access area where few have the privilege to go) hear an onslaught of clicks and cranks, Quantum engineers hear a symphony. That relentless repetition is music to their ears, and they spend many hours fine-tuning it.

Where the casual eye might see only chaos of motion, flashing lights and computer printouts, Quantum engineers see nothing but opportunity. "Perfect” doesn’t exist in their world.

In this day and time, cookie-cutter reels are out there in big numbers. You know which ones they are … the ones that look alike, except perhaps for color and the different names on them.

Quantum Test LabAt Quantum, innovation and technology are the very things that set us apart. A Quantum reel is a Quantum reel. Designed by us. Built by us. Tested by us. Inside the Quantum test lab, anything is possible. A decade, even two, can be condensed into a single week of real time. That allows a lifetime analysis of wear and tear on any given reel, or any given part, quickly and qualitatively. Few other companies have been willing to make the kind of commitment (or one at all) to R & D like we have.

Our testing processes and lab equipment have to be built as we go … they don’t exist elsewhere. And we’re constantly tweaking them, adding new things in an ongoing evolution for improvement. What never changes though, is our focus on making sure we’re giving you the very best products we can possibly make. Here’s part of our formula for success.

Endurance Quantum PT
All Quantum reels—and all the gears, bearings and other critical components within them—are brutally pushed to assess performance. Not casual use performance, but the real deal. It’s all about a reel’s life in the fast line, without tender loving care. (We know how fishing products are treated once they leave original packaging.)

Acceleration Quantum PT
We don’t have the luxury of being able to spend actual "years” in testing performance over a reel’s life. The changes in materials, technology and designs occur too rapidly for that to be practical. So, what we do is greatly accelerate and exaggerate time and use by putting our reels through extreme conditions over an abbreviated period. For example, only a small percentage of a reel’s overall life might ever be spent reeling in big-lipped, hard-pulling deep diving crankbaits, but our "load” test simulates "years” of that kind of abuse through the use of suspended weights and round-the-clock automated cranking. Guess you could call it the "world’s heaviest deep diving crankbait” test. However, it’s just one of several tests found in our 24-7 schedule of casts and spins unlike anything a product will ever encounter in a real lifetime of fishing.

Environment Quantum PT
Hot. Cold. Freshwater. Saltwater. And everything in between. In fact, if you walk into our "salt spray” lab, the smell of ocean air is likely going to have you looking for working sea gulls and digging for the sunscreen. (Bet you didn’t know we had beachfront property in Tulsa, did you?) However, we want our reels to perform perfectly in the environments they are designed for. We know saltwater products have to be something more than just a freshwater product with a "saltwater” label. Ours are. Whether for fresh or salt, to test our products for intended use, we really put them through the ringer; right along side products from our competition. Our interests aren’t just in meeting industry standards. We want to set them.

For a Quantum reel to succeed on the water, it must first fail in the lab. So we run our products to failure … make them suffer. That’s the only way we can predict the reliability of a reel’s intricate subsystems. In a year, we’ll hurt 4,000 reels that way. We do so because when that special bass or tarpon comes along and sets your heart to racing, we want your Quantum reel to keep up.

Drags Quantum PT
Few anglers ever think about their reel’s drag … until Mr. Big comes along. By then, you’re at the mercy of how good your reel’s drag is, or isn’t. So that’s why, at Quantum, we put a great deal of emphasis on our drag systems, and in getting them right. We want you making that catch of a lifetime just as badly as you want to make it. Our drag-testing lab is the most sophisticated in the industry. We know that fish are different, and that drags aren’t about "one size fits all.” Some fish are all about short bursts of high foot-pounds of pressure. Others have fights measured in hours and multiple 100-yard runs. That’s why we have computers in place to simulate the realistic fish-fighting abilities of everything from largemouth bass to giant tarpon. And that’s how we have been able to design the best drag systems on the market. For example, our Magnum Ceramic Drag systems found in our Cabo and Boca saltwater reels feature drags that maintain exact preset conditions for accurate and consistent performances because the ceramics won’t swell even under the extreme heat of long runs. And we’re not guessing that, we KNOW it. Thanks to our unique drag-testing capabilities in the lab, and real on-the-water verifications, your Quantum reel has a drag system that’s ready for battle.

Yes, we do listen. And not just to our pro staff and field testers, but to you as well. We want to hear about the bad things just as much as the good. Our engineers are funny like that. They like problems because they like to solve them.

Remember the smocked "mad scientists” of the late-night black-and-white creepshows of the olden days? Remember how passionate they were about experimentation? Well, that’s our Quantum engineers. They are the scientists of obsession.

But our testing doesn’t end inside our brick and mortar walls. No Quantum product is certified until it passes the ultimate test in the biggest test lab of all ­ the great outdoors. That’s where our engineers trade their white smocks for fishing clothes just like yours. They love to fish. We’re just not sure whether their passion comes from matching wits with fish or tackle. Either way, the end result is to your benefit … quality Quantum tackle.

Share the passion. Experience Quantum. Then let us hear from you.