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Radically designed. Obsessively engineered. Exhaustively tested. And continually modified to help you squeeze every ounce of performance out of your fishing gear. Every Quantum rod and reel is a souped-up, tricked-out testament of our never-ending mission to engineer the ultimate fishing experience.



The Quantum lab is loaded with the most advanced design and testing gear several million dollars can buy. Because you can’t make Quantum gear without breaking some conventions (and a few rods).


Strength in numbers

Advanced computer analysis helps us eliminate excess weight in a reel’s frame (like the Exo PT shown here) without sacrificing strength or responsiveness.



Gear Endurance Test

- This test puts our gears to the grind

Bail Trip Test

- How many flips can a bail handle?

Drag System Test

- Watch our drag systems fight robots

Corrosion Test

- Our reels vs the salt assault



“Good enough.” “Don’t overthink it.” “That’s the way we’ve always done it.” Those phrases just aren’t in our vocabulary. Anything is fair game, as long as it raises your game on the water.



Rock solid frames

Single-piece, precision-machined frames hold all components in perfect alignment. Ultra light, high-strength grades of aluminum (or magnesium for the Tour Mg) yield reels that won’t flex even during heavy cranking.

Precision cast control

Quantum’s exclusive ACS braking system is the most accurate ever designed for baitcast reels. The external dial lets you quickly fine-tune the amount of centrifugal braking to match any fishing situation.



LMS keeps line in control

Every Quantum PT spinning reel features an exclusive LMS Line Management System that directs your line to the roller with smooth precision. So you can spend more time fighting fish instead of line tangles.

Sleek, rigid frames

Lesser spinning reels can flex at the stem, giving you a sloppy feel when you’re battling a big fish. Our ultra light, single-piece aluminum frames hold all components in perfect alignment with a rock solid feel.




Advanced graphite blanks

Starting with ultra light, sensitive, high-modulus graphite blanks, we work with today’s top anglers to fine-tune the action of every Quantum rod. For whatever techniques you're into, we've got the perfect match.



Think it’s hard to fool a bass? Try fooling a bass pro. Bottom line: it’s not a Quantum until the guys who make a living with a rod and reel say it is.


Kevin VanDam on crankbaits

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Jeremy Smith on “light tackle” muskies

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The vicious cycle starts all over again. Let’s just say fish get more sleep than our engineers.