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How do I clean my baitcast reel?

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Basic Cleaning & Maintenance
Periodically, wipe down the reel with a damp cloth.  Remove the palm side cover from the reel.  Gently remove the spool.  Light oil should be applied to the handle rivets, each end of the spool shaft and the part of the spool shaft that passes through the pinion gear.

Detailed Cleaning & Maintenance
Approximately once a year (depending on use) the reel should be thoroughly cleaned and relubricated.  Detailed instruction on how to lubricate your baitcast reel can be found in the baitcast lubrication section.  If you do not feel comfortable doing this, send the reel to the nearest authorized Zebco Brands Service Center.

Saltwater Cleaning & Maintenance
After each saltwater fishing trip, remove the spool and soak in fresh water, thoroughly rinse the reel body with a light spray of fresh water.  Thorough cleaning after each saltwater trip is very important to the life and dependability of your reel.  The reason for this is that every time saltwater gets on the reel and dries, it leaves a microscopic coating of "crystalline" salt residue.  This salt coating will not only attack the components in the reel but will create the same wearing and/or binding effect as sand or dirt.

After the saltwater and saltwater residue is rinsed from the reel, use a clean dry cloth to remove the excess water from the reel and spool.  Then, using a good quality lubricant that contains "corrosion inhibitors," apply a light coating on the reel.  We recommend using products designed for fishing reels.