We gave our engineers a simple challenge: design the lightest possible fishing gear without any sacrifice in performance. And they rose to the occasion, yielding Quantum’s first exoskeletal design and our lightest, strongest reels ever. It’s a difference you’ll feel on the water. You’ll fish stronger, longer. With the sensitivity you need to detect the lightest bites – and the all-out fishability and rock-solid durability it takes to land the biggest fish.


Metal Where it Matters. That’s the thinking behind our exoskeletal hybrid construction. It combines a special, ultra-rigid aluminum alloy in load bearing areas with a lightweight composite that reduces weight in non-critical locations by 50%. This allows us to build the lightest possible frame with absolutely no sacrifice in strength. In fact, it’s 38% stronger than magnesium and 6 times stronger than a graphite composite frame. You’ll fish stronger, longer with the sensitivity you need to detect the lightest of bites – and the rock solid performance and durability you demand when targeting trophy fish.


The Exo PT spinning reel rotor uses a revolutionary new material from Quantum called C4LF. It’s an exclusive polymer infused with long strands of carbon fiber. Most carbon-infused materials have carbon strands that are 1-2mm in length. Our C4LF carbon strands average 8mm in length. These longer strands align themselves in a much stronger matrix and result in a rotor design that’s 2.6 times stronger than normal composites. This minimizes rotor arm flex under heavy drag loads, giving you more control when fighting big fish. It also produces a design that’s 80% lighter than our standard rotors.


Through Finite Element modeling, we optimized the balance between aluminum and composite materials. Key areas like gear supports, bearings, and the spinning reel stem were analyzed to assure no flex under maximum load conditions.


We subjected our Exo PT baitcast to a crush test in the Quantum development lab (we don’t expect this to ever happen to your reel, but our engineers like to torture our products in the name of progress). Exo withstood over 1700 lbs of downward force and continued to perform flawlessly. That means it can support over 4000 times its weight.


All Exo PT reels feature a hardened alloy drive gear that is ported to remove excess weight. Yet our special alloys can hold up under the toughest fish-fighting conditions. And our 7.3:1 “Burner” baitcast gear set gobbles up an amazing 35 inches of line per turn of the handle with a smooth, vibration-free retrieve.


Exo baitcast features a micro-sized version of our exclusive ACS cast control system. It offers a wide range of centrifugal brake settings that can be fine-tuned with the turn of a dial (easily accessed under a removable side cover). Factor in the low start-up inertia of our exoskeletal super light spool and it all adds up to longer, more accurate casts.


Quantum’s exclusive CSC drag system combines a series of carbon, stainless steel, and ceramic disks for optimum drag performance. The carbon disks provide a friction surface that delivers high drag lockdown while maintaining smoothness. The ceramic disks have low start-up inertia and dissipate heat quickly on extended runs. The stainless disks impart the strength to keep the system in alignment under load. The results are an extremely smooth drag that can take the heat of any fishing situation.


Exo spinning’s new Tru-Balance handle design incorporates a one-piece 6061 tempered aluminum handle arm for maximum strength. The skeletal handle shaft has a unique rear leaning design to counterbalance the handle knob weight for vibration-free cranking. The comfortable EVA knob completes the featherlight design.

We use the same tempered aluminum for our skeletal baitcast handle. Sculpted EVA grips add comfort and produce one of the lightest handles on the market. As a bonus, the Exo 300 baitcast comes with a second counterbalanced handle you can switch out for enhanced cranking power.


The new lightweight spool on Exo PT spinning reels employs our MaxCastII design. Greater casting performance is achieved by a variable oscillation system that lays line evenly on the spool.

The spool lip configuration is optimized for today’s range of line types and smaller, more compact rod guides. The concave radius on the back of the lip prevents line from contacting the spool prior to the exit radius, creating less friction for longer casts. The system also keeps the line in tighter coils as it exits the spool to flow more freely and minimize backlashes and wind knots caused by looser coils. Our tests revealed a 10% increase in average casting distance over a standard spool lip design.

Combine this system with the micro guide set on our Exo PT rods and you have a deadly accurate, long-distance casting machine.


All Quantum® PT reels, including the new Exo series, feature our custom-made PT bearings – the smoothest in the industry. They’re made from high-grade stainless steel and feature a shielded polymer cage for durability.


Quantum Hot Sauce is the industry standard in lubrication. The oil’s viscosity levels yield a freer rotation of moving parts by molecularly bonding with the base metal. Our grease is made with exclusive tackifiers that hold to wear surfaces longer.