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Light Tackle Can Still Mean Great Strength

Fast, strong, agile and wary, snook can test any tackle and the nerves of sportsmen. Anglers targeting this fish need reliable equipment that can fling light baits long distances, but with enough backbone to conquer these robust species. That’s why smart guides turn to Quantum!

“Snook aren’t stupid,” said Capt. Mike Holliday, a professional angler and guide from Stuart, Fla. “They’re very wary and anglers need to make long casts to get the biggest fish to eat. Quantum rods are perfect for casting 8- to 10-inch long live baits against the wind.”

Holliday prefers a Quantum Cabo CSP50PTs spinning reel spooled with 20-pound braided line. He mates it to a medium-heavy Quantum Cabo PT CBIS703MHA rod. However, as a fishing guide, he knows that some clients would rather throw bait-casting tackle. For bait-casting aficionados, he recommends a Cabo PT CBC20PT on a matching CBIC703MHA medium-heavy rod.

Legendary Cabo PTs spinning reels tackle the toughest fish all over the world. Nine polymer stainless hybrid bearings make the CSP50PTs multi-stack ceramic system operate smoothly with up to 26 pounds of drag for taming mighty monsters in salt water. The Saltgard™ 6-layer corrosion protection finish keeps it performing like new in the harshest environment. The CSP50PTs can hold up to 225-yards of 12-pound test line and offers a 5.2:1 gear ratio.

Available in either right-or left-handed versions, the Cabo PT CBC20PT bait-caster comes with six gears, a 5.7.1 ratio and a spool that can hold up to 210 yards of 12-pound test line. Anglers can tighten down to 27.4 pounds of drag.

“Snook have a lot of power and take off on short, powerful runs, so an angler needs a drag system that can handle the short bursts of speed without sticking,” Holliday said. “I catch well over a thousand snook a year on my Quantum gear; more than half of those fish exceed 10-pounds. Any time you’re hooking big fish and trying to stop them before they can get into structure, you’re going to beat up your tackle, but my Quantum gear holds up day in, day out. The Cabo spinning reels are angler-proof with no bail springs to break and the toughest components anyone can put into a saltwater environment.

Either the medium-heavy spinning or bait-casting rod can handle the most determined snook. Redesigned for 2009, Cabo PTs rods offer strength in light packages. High-strain graphite blanks provide ultra-sensitivity and muscle. Titanium guides with Nanolite inserts keep the line flowing smoothly while Fuji cork handles provide all-day comfort. Both the CBIS703MHA spinning rod and the CBIC703MHA bait-caster come with fast tips for working baits and overcoming powerful fish.

To book a trip with Holliday, call 772-341-6105.