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Below is a re-cap of our fans' conversation with Shaw Grigsby in January, 2014.

Q: What species and destinations are on your bucket list?
Shaw: Peacock Bass on the Amazon, Tarpon at Homossassa.

Q: Do you do any trout fishing? If so, what is your tactics.
Shaw: I used to go to the mountains of NC every summer. My foavorite was a small inline spinner. Now I enjoy fly fishing. I also like saltwater for trout and like to use a topwater like the KVD Splash or Sexy Dawg. I also like a Glass Minnow or Rage Shrimp on a jig head.

Q: With low lake levels here in Texas, and water that is clear as mud, what would be a great bait or style during the spring and summer?
Shaw: KVD 1.5 in the DB Craw color

Q: Would you say your mustache is more of a power or finesse mustache?
Shaw: Definitely power.

Q: Why don't you throw the big 8-10 inch swimbaits?
Shaw: I do at some times, not very often that we find ourselves in water that is conducive to them.

Q: When frog fishing, if a bass gets hung up in the thick weeds/pads, do you continue to try and yank the fish out or keep steady pressure and not try to get him free while using the trolling motor to get to the fish?
Shaw: Generally point the rod at him and grind, while heading to him with the trolling motor. Don't jerk.

Q: What do you suggest I do with my time when we have 10 inches of ice on our lakes (in Nebraska)? BTW, I don't ice fish.
Shaw: Move south! Work on tackle, practice pitching, watch One More Cast and Major League Fishing!

Q: I fish a lake that is completely surrounded with lillypads. There are a few docks and the deepest spot is 10 feet, but mostly 2 - 4 feet deep. What would you fish it with?
Shaw: The baits I would use are weedless, like Rage toad or Sexy Frog if the water is warm enough.

Q: Lay Lake in June, what would you target to find a big bag?
Shaw: I would target creek channels cranking and shaky head. There is agood topwater bite in May and early June, but it may be over by then.

Q: What is your most effective soft plastic color for bedding bass? White or natural colors?
Shaw: They both work, but I can see white better.

Q: What's the best bait to use in rivers with a lot of current, something that will stay in the strike zone.
Shaw: Jig.

Q: What's your best cold-water technique?
Shaw: Suspending jerk bait or jig.

Q: How long do you fish a spot before moving on?
Shaw: Depends on how the fish are reacting, if she's interested I spend more time.

Q: How did you learn to sightfish?
Shaw: A lot of time on the water!

Q: When do you decide whether to fish finesse offshore or fish the banks hard?
Shaw: Banks in the spring and fall, offshore during the summer and winter.

Q: If you could recommend one first rod for bass fishing, what would it be?
Shaw: Any Quantum 7-foot medium or medium-heavy action.

Q: If you could only fish with one lure, what would it be?
Shaw: Hack Attack heavy cover swim jig...very versatile!

Q: What is the one skill you would tell someone to concentrate on in bass fishing?
Shaw: Finding fish is the key to doing well. Learn to use graphs, lake maps, and certainly study fish habits.

Q: How important is the rod you use?
Shaw: The action of the rod is very important to be successful with the technique.

Q: What would be the best advise you could give to an up and coming tournament angler that wants to go pro but can't necessarily afford it?
Shaw: Fish the smaller local and regional tournaments and work your way up. The better you do there the more likely sponsors will notice you. Work with your local outdoor writers, volunteer to take them fishing and be available if they need photos. Spend time sharing your passion with others especially kids. Good Luck!

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