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Below is a re-cap of our fans' conversation with Gerald Swindle in March, 2014.

Q: Do umbrella rigs factor much in your fishing?
Gerald: We aren't allowed to throw them in the Elite series, but when I'm home I can slip off to Guntersville with one, they LOVE it!

Q: Say the water is in the low to mid 50's, and you're stuck fishing from shore. Where do you go and what do you throw?
Gerald: Fish under every bridge you can. Fish will stage on the rocks when it gets cold.

Q: What's your favorite rod and reel combination?
Gerald: Junk fishermen love them all, but right now I'm on a 6.3:1 Quantum Tour Mg with a 7'2" Exo Tour rod.

Q: Any advice for shore fishermen targeting bass?
Gerald: Watch your shadows on the water!

Q: Is there one bait that you've always had success with no matter what lake you're on?
Gerald: Pitching a trick worm is pretty good everywhere we go.

Q: What's the best way to catch a pre-spawn or spawning bass that's skittish on the bed?
Gerald: Use light line and small baits.

Q: Whats the best way to bounce back from a bad tournament?
Gerald: For me, I only give myself one night to think about it, the next day is a new chapter.

Q: Do you think a competitive fishing trail can turn a sport you're passionate about into feeling more like a job?
Gerald: Yes, I love my job.

Q: How would you go about fishing Lake Erie from the shore in the summer and fall times?
Gerald: That's a tough one due to the contour of the land (very flat), but I would try top water baits.

Q: When the fishing is toughest, what's your go-to bait?
Gerald: 3/8 oz. brown Booyah jig with Zoom green pumpkin twin tail trailer.

Q: Is there a league or club you would recommend to join as a non-boater? I'm trying to approach tournament fishing in an affordable way.
Gerald: The B.A.S.S. Nation is a great way to get started and learn. And very affordable.

Q: What's your favorite "junk" bait?
Gerald: Small swimjig with a small skirt and small chunk. Green pumpkin color.

Q: Do you have a bait recommendation for bed fishing clear water?
Gerald: Zoom Z Hog Jr. in watermelon candy.

Q: I'm getting a late start at 41, do you have any tips for getting started in semi-professional angling?
Gerald: Learn to fish a variety of baits because you MUST adapt to all situations.

Q: What's your favorite Quantum reel?
Gerald: The Tour Mg is bad to the bone!!

Q: Besides the awesome bass, what else do fish for on Guntersville?
Gerald: Flathead catfish in the summertime on live bream. Awesome

Q: How does it feel to be a grandpa!?
Gerald: I'm the sexiest grandpa in the world now.

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