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Shaw Grigsby See His Way to a Top 12 at Smith Mountain

Grigsby's Rig

Shaw Grigsby Sees His Way to a Top 12 at Smith Mountain

Bassmaster Elite Series t Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia

April 23 - 26, 2009

Quantum success:
VanDam wins and Shaw Grigsby finishes 6th

What Swindle used:
TSGS6106F rod and a TE30PTi-B

Bass were moving into shallow water to spawn on the picturesque mountain reservoir, and few pros in the history of bass fishing have more talent than Shaw Grigsby for seeing and hooking bass that are near their spawning bed.

Grigsby located bass in 1 to 4 ft. of water from pockets to the main lake. Shaw stayed busy, a man in constant motion until he would spot a bass on or near a bed. He caught his fish with a finesse worm on a drop shot rig. “Fishing for spawning bass is what I love to do. I’m blessed that my vision allows me to see them better than most anglers and that was a huge advantage in this tournament,” said the long-time Quantum pro.