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From the latest materials to the latest design thinking, we’re constantly searching for ways to build the ultimate fishing gear.

Engineered in the USA

Our team of industrial designers, engineers and product testers make sure our gear offers long-lasting performance

Q Lab tested

Our multimillion dollar test lab simulates years of use and abuse on our reels to dial up their durability

Precision 3D design

Making smoother, more durable reels starts with precision 3D computer design

Metal where it matters

Computer stress analysis helps us shed excess weight without sacrificing strength

3D printing & prototyping

Feel is everything in a reel. So we use the latest 3D printing technology to create the sleekest, most ergonomic designs.

Designed by anglers, for anglers

We work with elite anglers around the world to stay on top of the latest techniques and trends


Quantum pros are some of the best anglers in the world. We’re always picking their brains for tips and techniques to help you raise your game.

KVD - Braid On Spinning Reels

Learn why KVD puts braid on his spinning gear for the ideal combo of control and strength.

Casey Ashley on lightweight gear

Take it from the 2015 Bassmaster Classic Champ: weight matters.

G-Man – Skipping Under Docks

“G-Man” teaches how to skip bait under docks to reach areas the competition can’t.

KVD - Cold Front Fishing

KVD shares his favorite tricks for when tough conditions cause your strikezone to shrink.

Matt Lee – Spinning Reel Drop Shot

Matt Lee gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to rig a spinning rod for a drop shot.

Best Rigs for Jigs with Greg Hackney

Greg Hackney lays out what gear is best and why when you’re swimming a jig.


Before it gets to you, every Quantum rod and reel must prove itself in the Q Lab and on the water through a grueling series of quality and durability tests.

Gear endurance test

This test simulates years of retrieves to make sure our gears stay smooth and powerful.

Bail trip test

We open and close our bails over and over (and over) so you can trust them to hold up.

Drag test

This machine ensures our drags deliver smooth, fish-fighting power in any conditions.

Corrosion test

We immerse our reels in a briny mist to test whether they can withstand the salt assault.

Rod test

We push our rods to the breaking point to test their strength and actions.